Welcome to SV Startup Lab!

Research, develop, and market test new solutions for old problems.

Welcome to SV Startup Lab!

I have no intention of blogging much but may have something to say at times. SV Startup Lab is our “container” for our various Web projects. Currently I’m coding Project FuZer https://projectfuzer.tech to solve major problems for bootstrapped startups. I’ve either founded, co-founded, or helped others found about 100 startups in about a dozen industries in different U.S. states and other countries so for this project I have significant domain expertise.

I’m a bit difficult to contact because I have no time for distractions. I work quietly at home and on my spring and fall mountain biking road trips to Utah and Colorado. Katya assists at times. I have the skills to do all business and technical functions except for security penetration work.

We’re bootstrappers and I have been with every business since the 1960’s. We’re free to make our own decisions. I’ve seen too many investors fuck things up and kill startups.

— Jim

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