Research, develop, and market test new solutions for old problems


Jim has worked in 11 careers and about 50 disciplines over 5 decades and is aware of many business and consumer problems that have never been solved.  We research the feasiability of solving them with the Web platform model – our focus at this time.


Jim has a full range of business skills and recently became a Web application developer.  He codes his own probjects now for both the browser app and the server stack.  We occasionally hire freelancer help but only from

Market Test

Minimum viable products are released into the appropriate markets to test their potential to support businesses.  Since all projects are innovative the failure rate is high, as expected, and has many causes.

Our Team

Jim Peston


Jim has some 40 years of business experience in construction, public accounting, retail, Web applications, software development, and other industries. During college in the 1970’s he co-built Preston Pipelines into one of California’s largest underground utility companies, in the 1980’s and 90’s he was a CPA with KPMG, his own CPA firm for 12 years that focused on startups, and an office founder / director for Deloitte and Touche in Vladivostok, Russia, almost a war zone for business.

Jim applied cross-discipline work processes at Preston Pipelines to give the company a sustainable competitive advantage. He successfully introduced desktop computing at Peat Marwick, now KPMG, in 1981. His own CPA firm was a part-time software develpment and startup lab during the 1980’s that assisted software developers to create desktop computer software for over a dozen industries.  His UI and functionality ideas permeate software used worldwide today.  He has producted useful work in about 50 disciplines, more than anyone in history, and is on his 11th career, possibly a record also.  Few people do more than 3.  Currently Jim works full time developing Web application projects.

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Katya Preston


Katya is employed full time with a national employee benefits firm as the senior manager for strategic initiatives. In that role she develops a variety of projects in business analytics, productivity, business intelligence operational reporting, and Web application development.

Katya assists with SV Startup Lab projects.

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Latest news

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Jim and Katya (far left) pioneering capitalism in Russia just after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Founding an office in 1994 for the international accounting and consulting firm of Deloitte & Touch in Vladivostok near the North Korean border on the Pacific.

A Long History With Software Development

Jim’s first computer, the Televideo TS-804 double floppy for $3,500 in 1982. 64KB of RAM! The great CP/M operating system!  This was a time when extremely few small businesses of any kind had computers, and even fewer were experimenting with desktop computing.  The software wasn’t much, it had to fit on a 360kb floppy disk.

Compaq’s first portable computer, 1984.  Except Jim had the expensive 10MB hard drive version.  MS-DOS operating system, 640KB of RAM, 9 inch mono-color screen, 46 pounds!

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